Oltremare presents a day with whom has turned their passion into an intensive & exciting job.

A lifetime’s dream? Now you can make it come true. At Oltremare, in one of the most beautiful lagoons in the woorld, biologists & instructors wait for you to spend an unforgettable day at close contact with our friendly & sympathetic dolphins which are guests in the lagoon. Getting to know closely these very interesting marine mammals to live an emotional experience!!!!

The Program “Dolphin instructor for a day” will begin again from 1st march 2007 (for all the month of march the activity will be held exclusively on Saturdays & Sundays).

THE DOLPHIN LAGOON is the heart of Oltremare, One of the biggest & modern structures in the world, containing 9 million litres of water & subdivided into 5 different environments to maintain our 12 friends. The team of Instructors, Biologists & Vets, guarantees a high quality standard be it for the social life of the dolphins also for the value of sensitivity of the visitors in the different environments.

The team of Oltremare proposes “DOLPHIN INSTRUCTOR FOR A DAY”

One unforgettable day together with the Dolphins hosts of Oltremare & with whom changed their passion into an intensive & affascinating job!

The program complies of a theoretical & a practical session.
During the theoretical session our biologists & instructors will teach you the biological elements & the history of the creatures, also the training techniques; the program will continue with a “Behind the Curtains” visit to see the technological plants for the disinfection, management & control of the waters.
Before moving on to the practical phase you will visit our dolphins, also Mary G. A young one, saved by the Marine animal Foundation, Mammal momentary guest at the Park, which will offer the possibility to talk about the conservation & the problems caused when these mammals are taken ashore.
Wearing wellingtons & under the guidance of our instructors, the practical phase can begin which complies of a close encounter with the dolphins & the possibility to get to know them from very close.
All participants will be offered entrance to Oltremare, lunch, writing material, a certificate of partecipation, a personalised T-shirt & 2 Photos taken during the day.

Also from this year was included the interesting day to spend with the Falcons of Oltremare “Falcon master for a day“.