Discover the hinterland

One day around the hinterland of Romagna

Riccione was always considered a Pearl on the Sea, but in just a few minutes crossing the roads that from the coast penetrate into The Hinterland of Romagna one can discover the Appenine treasures. Along your journey you can see the beautiful views, hear the famous words “Romagna Mia” sang all over the world & discover those village feasts, of artiginial markets a scents of the past. The locations listed in this area are rich in history & wittnesses from the past:

  • Torriana
  • San Leo
  • Gemmano
  • Santarcangelo
  • Verucchio
  • Faenza
  • Mercatino Conca – Montegrimano
  • Gradara
  • Valconca(Conca valley)
  • San Marino
  • Urbino