Sharky Room

Called Sharky, in honor of the little shark  guest star of Cattolica’s Aquarius, our new thematic room will wait for a very very blue journey.. in the deeper sea!
Sharky and its friends, from multicoloured clownfishes to dancing jellyfhishes, from seastars to curious crabs.. will  give you the possibility of a new  experience: a new, comfortable and cheerful room, full of light .. Emotion and amazement for children, and not only.
Sharky Room is one environment only, light and very comfortable, ideal solution of a 4-people family, but on request we can add an extra cradle.
And don’t forget  that booking Sharky you’ll get  free entrance for you and your family to  Beach Village for the entire duration of  your stay.

.. and your holiday will be unforgettable,  what are you waiting for? send us an e-mail and give yourselves a beautiful stay!