San Patrignano

San Patrignano welcomes all those who had/have drug related problems, without any sort of discrimination, ideological, social, religious & it does it free of charge without any gain from the families nor the state.
From 1978 till today the centre has opened its doors to over 20.000 peolpe, to whom offered a roof, medical & legal assistance, the possibility to study, a professional formation, the opportunity to change the way of life & get back entirely into society. At the moment San Patrignano hosts 1.800 youths.
The centre is made out of 140 volontary operators to whom are added 350 collaborators, most of whom ex-toxicdependants.
The organisational structure groups a foundation & three cooperatives joined togehter in a consortium with no means of financial abuse. during the past years San Patrignano has sheltered many youngsters alternatively in detetion regime, substituting over 3.600 years of inprisonment, with rehabilitation & civil re-entry courses. According to scientific researches conducted by different universities on samples of ex-guests, the rehabilitation percentage after an average stay of 18 months at San Patrignano, exceeded 72%.
Just only in 2004 600 job interviews were held, but the requests were more than 3000. In the same year 560 people had terminated their rehabilitation program.

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