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Hotel La Cappuccina - Squisito (Delicious)

What is 'Squisito' (Delicious)

Squisito is a manifestation dedicated to those who like the culture of good taste, of eating well, or also to whom never gets tired discovering new differences or old forgotten traditions.
Star & Expert Chefs, journalista & gourmet, meet every year to define the contemporary cuisine & trace a map of the taste that will beat the national borders.
Besides the big cuisine protagonists, Squisito hosts also meetings & round tables aimed to stimulate a reflection on the possible formation of offers on the enogastronomical sector.
In particular regard to the youth group that also brings forward the youngsters at the end stage of rehabilitation course. Squisito is a Versatile container filled with specifically aimed workshops, particular sensory experiences, tasty bites & degustation of excellent products. A proper & real party for the palate.
Conducted by the greatest experts of the sector & directed with care & passion by the 'San Patrignano' Rehabilitation centre.



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